ASPER-HUJI Innovate and the ASPER Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation are taking part in the Innovative Finance Inclusion Project (IFI) funded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.

The IFI Project, coordinated by the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yafo, aims to systematically align the Israeli higher education system with global changes and develop new capacities for inclusive social finance on three levels: (a) Eco-system & Infrastructure, (b) Academy-Industry Cooperation, (c) Research, Teaching & Training.

In this project, we are running WP4, along with the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and the Estonian Business School. WP4 is focused on "Building Innovation - Inclusive Sustainable Finance R&D and design thinking".

We have developed a course module on Sustainable Finance that can be added to any course on Finance, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and more. This material will be used to generate student led pitches that will be entered into the IFI Innovation Lab Competition.


Dr. Amnon Dekel, Dr. Dan Marom, Shir Kahanov, Liran Shoseyov, Ayelet Cohen, Sarit Slutzky and Naomi Reichman