Join one of our competitions:

Our innovation competitions allow you to experience entrepreneurship first-hand and examine the gap between idea and execution in a fast, creative and fun way. Every competition is adjudicated by industry and academic experts.

Our competitions encourage you to take a calculated risk, think creatively and improve your project management skills. Things like breaking a complex project into smaller segments, working under time pressure, teamwork, idea pitching and public speaking become second nature for repeat participants.

It’s an excellent opportunity to experience the entrepreneurial process and test your ideas without taking on too much risk, while receiving feedback from seasoned entrepreneurs and winning cool prizes!

Our Competitions:

The Creativity Challenge

An annual competition aimed at developing creative ideas.

This year we will ask you to offer us ideas about how to better solve the increasing problems stemming from existing forms of packaging and to film a one-minute clip presenting your prototype. The winner receives a 5,000 NIS prize.

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Falling Walls

Working on a revolutionary research project or idea? Come represent the State of Israel in the global innovation competition Falling Walls Lab! The team to win first place in our local competition will win a 10,000 NIS prize and get to represent Israel in the global competition. Applications open until 08.15.2020.

The Morning After

JLM Impact’s annual hackathon revolved in 2020 around developing solutions to life in a world ravaged by Coronavirus. More than 90 teams participated in the competition and developed various creative solutions. In the end of the process the teams presented their solutions to our panel of judges, which included senior executives, investors and government officials.

Stay tuned for more details on our next hackathon!

The Creativity Challenge

An annual competition aimed at developing creative ideas in the world of ecology and the environment. Every year, we choose an object which seems antiquated and useless and invite students to build a prototype and create a short film showcasing a way to breathe new life into that object. The winner receives a 5,000 NIS prize. In the last two years, hundreds of students participated in the competition and invented new, creative uses for plastic bottles and single socks.

What will the next challenge be? You’ll find out soon enough!