Accelerators, Courses & Programs

OPEN - venture creation studio

From Idea to Startup - learn first hand how to develop a new venture while working in multi-disciplinary teams. During the OPEN program, the participants will receive:

      • Workshops
      • Personal mentoring & office hours with industry experts
      • Free access to co-working space
      • Access to our network - (including investors, senior executives and industry leaders)

In March 2020 we will start 3 OPEN Studio programs: Digital Startups, Health Innovation and Ag/Food Technologies.



Spend your summer in the Start-Up Nation and learn how to develop a startup at The Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program (TIP), an intensive 4-week international entrepreneurship program at HUJI Innovate, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s center for innovation and entrepreneurship.


Develop a new technology-based venture to solve real-world problems and pitch it to experts and investors.


Experience hands-on learning about cutting-edge technologies, the hottest business trends and the entrepreneurial process.


Meet with Israel's top innovators, entrepreneurs and investors, along with a group of international, like-minded peers.