About us

ASPER-HUJI Innovate - The Hebrew University’s center for innovation and entrepreneurship, leverages the University’s innovation potential to solve substantial problems through entrepreneurship. The center promotes the University as a supportive environment for entrepreneurship, cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset and skills among students, researchers and staff and serves as a catalyst for the development of startups and social enterprises.

At ASPER-HUJI Innovate Entrepreneurship is a mindset, it is the ability to identify challenges and create solutions. Driven by the belief that everyone is born with the capability to become entrepreneurs and innovators and can generate new ideas to drive impact. The Center operates in three parallel tracks - INSPIRE: which promotes entrepreneurial culture and community while creating experience opportunities such as hackathons and competitions; LEARN: which emphases training students for skills and entrepreneurial thinking through courses and academic programs; and BUILD: which accompanies entrepreneurs in the process of developing start-ups and social enterprises through a variety of acceleration programs. These activities create a nexus point between academia and the world of innovation and entrepreneurship while strengthening our internal ecosystem and building bridges to the city, the country and the world.

How to get Involved?

Community & Events

By being part of our community, you’ll receive updates and information regarding unique opportunities in the world of innovation, create new friendships with other entrepreneurial students and enjoy events with pioneering founders and investors.

Courses & Training

Starting Fall of 2020 - you’ll be able to participate in academic courses created by or in partnership with HUJI Innovate - as our new digital course, “An Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship”, which is open to every B.A. student. You will also be able to join our professional training sessions.

Hackathons & Competitions

Our entrepreneurship competitions are a fantastic opportunity for experiencing the process of ideation and prototyping in a fast, risk-free and no-obligations environment - all while getting the opportunity to present to leading industry experts.

Entrepreneurship Programs

our programs accompany you in the different stages of venture creation: market research and ideation, business model planning, product development, marketing processes, fundraising, management and presentation.

Meet the team

Amnon Dekel, PhD

Executive Director

Ayelet Cohen

Deputy Director

Yotam Zach

Programs Manager

Sharon Levite Vaknin

Academic Program Manager

Itay Asher

Marketing Manager

Orit Sagi

Community Manager

Keshet Naiman

Project Manager

Roya Yacovian

ASPER-HUJI Innovate Hub Manager