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The Hebrew University Center

for Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The Hebrew University

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

HUJI-Innovate, the Hebrew University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, serves as a platform to encourage and assist students, faculty and alumni to develop their innovation and entrepreneurship skills. We also serve as a catalyst for venture creation processes to solve real-world problems.

For us at HUJI-Innovate, Entrepreneurship is a mindset, it is the ability to identify challenges and create solutions. We believe that everyone is born with an entrepreneurial spirit and can generate new ideas to drive impact. We operate in 3 parallel tracks - promoting entrepreneurial culture and community, developing and running academic courses and programs and managing acceleration programs for new ventures. These activities create a nexus point between academia and the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

OPEN - Venture Creation Programs

The second cycle of OPEN venture creation programs came to an end.
In case you've missed our Demo-Day event, we invite you to watch the full event and get to know The Hebrew University's up&coming ventures and entrepreneurs: