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Falling Walls Lab - Israel2019

We (The JLM-Impact consortium) are hosting Falling Walls lab in Israel this year. Falling Walls is a global competition, aspired by the falling of Berlin's wall seeking to promote breakthrough ideas and connect scientist and entrepreneurs from across the world.

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The Hebrew University

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HUJI Innovate is the Hebrew University’s platform to encourage and assist students, faculty and alumni to develop their Innovation and Entrepreneurship capabilities. We support HUJI’s 23,000 students and faculty in the ideation and development of new solutions for real-world problems while fostering a vibrant ecosystem that helps accelerate the creation of new ventures.

Everyone should be the founder of their own persona.

The student of the 21st Century will need to navigate a more challenging workplace in their career. We will boost our student’s perception of innovation and entrepreneurship with the aim to help them maximise their potential and develop the self entrepreneurial skills needed for a successful career. Using the services available at our center, we will cultivate their capabilities for innovation and problem solving, while helping participants focus on the areas that most interest them.

The Journey from Idea to Venture.

The participant journey includes hands-on courses and workshops that help them identify their unique capabilities and creativity, trains them as innovators and entrepreneurs and helps them transit from Idea to Venture. Working in multidisciplinary teams will enable participants to enjoy the innovation enhancing effects of disciplinary cross-pollination. Using a Human Centered Design approach will help participants plan and design products to best fit the needs of their clients. Working with industry proven mentors allows participants to learn from other’s experience and raises their chances for success. Finally, advice from Israel’s best Legal and Tax firms helps participants found their companies in the best possible way.