Registration for the 5th cohort is now open for submissions!

Have you identified an unanswered market need that no one else sees?

Do you have a brilliant product idea?

Would you like to start a Startup based on your academic research?

Have you started to form a team?

Join our unique program providing you the knowledge, practical tools and expert guidance that will help you turn your research, idea or challenge into a Startup

The OPEN Startup Creation Program will guide and support you in creating your Startup, from ideation and market research through your business model, product development and initial funding

In the last three years, program graduates have raised millions of dollars from leading venture capital funds in Israel and abroad.

What's in it for you?

Up to $10,000 POC funding opprotunities*

Creating a professional pitch

Networking and consulting

Legal and financial advice

Practical workshops

* Participating teams can submit a request for up to $10,000 in POC funding. The selection of grantees will be made by a selection committee. Being accepted to the OPEN program does not ensure a grant to any team.

Program Structure

Stage One: Developing a business model and product planning - at this stage the emphasis is on market and customer research while refining the value proposition, planning the product, and developing the enterprise’s business model. During this stage the teams will formulate a work plan and a budget to develop the project’s proof of feasibility and ultimately to present a request for funding to the HIF.

Stage Two: Developing proof of technological feasibility and building an infrastructure for establishing a company and raising additional funding - during this stage the emphasis shifts to developing the product’s proof of technological feasibility. The teams that receive grants from the HIF fund or other sources of funding will receive support and guidance throughout the technological development process. We will also place an emphasis on building an infrastructure to establish a company, including branding, marketing and sales, and the legal and financial aspects of establishing a company, as well as preparing the necessary documents for raising funds or identifying business partners.

In September 2023, upon completion of the two stages, there will be a Demo Day in which graduates of the program will present their projects in front of a wide audience of investors.

The program meetings will be held on Mondays from 17:00 to 20:00 starting on March 7th. The meetings will be hybrid (some will take place on Zoom and some at the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship offices located in the Safra-Givat Ram Campus).

Who is this for?

The program is designed to empower teams** of entrepreneurs (2-5 team members***) in any vertical, and is suitable for those with the motivation and drive required to develop a Startup from scratch.

At least one founding team member must be affiliated with the Hebrew University community (student, alumni or faculty).

** You have not formed a team yet? Contact us and we will try to give an answer.

*** Teams will be able to integrate the student and the head of the lab in a special model.

Hear from our alumni


Who should apply?

We look for students, researchers and alumni with the motivation to create their own Startup. The OPEN program is open to the entire Hebrew University community, and is relevant for participants from all faculties and courses. We believe that there is a need for innovation in every aspect of our lives, and seek people of varied backgrounds to participate in the programs.

Do I need experience in innovation or technology?

No.The programs are multi-disciplinary and we seek multi-disciplinarian participants.

Can I apply without an idea?

As of 2022, it is not possible to sign up for the OPEN program without an idea or a fundamental problem. The Entrepreneurship Center is here to help identify needs and advise on formulating the initial idea.

Can I apply without a team?

Registration for the OPEN program is for teams only (from 2 to 5 team members).

Must all team members be affiliated with the Hebrew University?

Teams must have at least one member who is affiliated with the Hebrew University. Other team members do not have to be affiliated with the university.

Is the program meant for specific industries or verticals?

No. The programs are built to help innovators across agriculture, healthcare, communications, transportation, manufacturing, finance, legal, nanotechnology, tourism and many more.

If you aren’t sure whether the program is right for you, email and we’ll be happy to help.

What does it cost?

The program is absolutely free. ASPER- HUJI Innovate is the innovation and entrepreneurship center of the Hebrew University. We operate the OPEN program to benefit the Hebrew University community free of charge.

What am I committing to?

Program participants commit to attend all program sessions and personal office hours in a diligent, timely fashion, as prescribed by the syllabus sent by email in advance.

In addition, participants commit to completing all Startup challenges and exercises.

Requests for absence from program sessions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

I have more questions

Please feel free to contact Yotam Zach, our Program Manager-

The Fine Print

  • Admission to the program is contingent on successfully completing our admissions process, including form completion and a personal interview with the admissions committee

  • Your presence in the various program sessions is required

  • The program does not provide academic credits

  • The program is completely free for all participants

  • ASPER-HUJI Innovate does not acquire any equity in the participating ventures. We will assist participants in formalizing their IP with “Yissum” on an as-needed basis.

  • At least one founding team member must be affiliated with the Hebrew University community (student, alumni or faculty).

Our Partners

Our programs are aided by industry-leading companies who provide support, content, office hours and other perks to our participants.