*Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, TIP 2020 is being postponed to a later date. Updates to come.

Spend your summer in the Start-Up Nation and learn how to develop a startup at The Trans-disciplinary Innovation Program (TIP), an intensive 4-week international entrepreneurship program at HUJI Innovate, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s center for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Receive 6 international academic credits at the end of the program!


Develop a new technology-based venture to solve real-world problems and pitch it to experts and investors.


Experience hands-on learning about cutting-edge technologies, the hottest business trends and the entrepreneurial process.


Meet with Israel's top innovators, entrepreneurs and investors, along with a group of international, like-minded peers.


Experience an accelerated entrepreneurial journey in the center of the world-renowned startup nation, where entrepreneurs are developing game-changing ventures that are globally impacting many industries. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is a key player in Israel’s vibrant startup ecosystem and has contributed to many of the country’s startup successes.

At TIP, you will sharpen your creative thinking skills to develop new venture ideas and experience the process of turning an idea into a product. During the process, you will learn today’s leading entrepreneurial methodologies, such as Design Thinking and Lean Launchpad, how to pitch to investors, meet industry leaders, visit the hottest companies and startups in Israel, develop the first stages of a startup and more.

You will do a deep dive into today's most influential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Engineering, and the Internet of Things (IoT), and understand their power to transform industries such as health, finance, agriculture, food, education, urban systems, transportation and more.

TIP will inspire and empower you to apply your acquired knowledge to create innovative solutions to complex problems.

Link to Syllabus


When: July 12th - August 11th, 2020

Where: Jerusalem, Israel

Tuition: $3,990

Application fee: $80

Dorms (Optional): $960

6 Academic Credits



Undergraduates who are currently in the last two years of their degree or graduate students. The program is taught in English, proficiency in English is required.


We are looking for students with a strong interest and drive to learn and grow in entrepreneurship through first-hand experience and intensive workshops.

At TIP, we are looking for students who are motivated, driven and focused in order to succeed in the program. Participants who are outgoing and open to learning, experimenting and growing from critique. The heart of TIP is the team project, therefore, participants need to be team players who can also be independent and take the lead in different aspects of the project.


The Hebrew University is Israel’s premier university and leading research institution. The University is home to over one hundred research centers and has produced eight Nobel Laureates amongst other noteworthy awards for significant breakthroughs in science.

The University is ranked as the #35 most entrepreneurial University according to PitchBook. The University’s startup village houses more than 60 startups and was the birthplace of Mobileye, acquired by Intel for more than $15 billion in 2017. The Hebrew University is the perfect place for the budding entrepreneur to take their first steps in their startup journey.



Feel free to contact us regarding any questions you may have about the program.

TIP Program Manager - Keshet Naiman